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The modeling industry is perceived as glamorous and exclusive, making it appear impenetrable to outsiders. For an aspiring model, the real question remains of where to start, how to get out there, and what next to do once signed up for that first modeling job. Luckily, there are a few different paths you can take to begin in modeling without the help of an agency. Ways to jumpstart a modeling path include participating in a model showcase like the MTS Model Talent Showcase, using casting call websites such as, and working with a casting platform service like Latitude.

1. MTS Model Talent Showcase

One of the most thrilling ways to jump-start a modeling career is by attending a talent showcase. The idea is to allow these to have the opportunity to be discovered by industry professionals. In this respect, one of the highest events is the MTS Model Talent Showcase.

What Is The MTS Model Talent Showcase?

The MTS Model Talent Showcase event is a high-status occasion put on by Latitude-a, a company known throughout the modeling industry for connecting new talent with the top-tiered agencies and brands. This showcase happens once a year and is attended by scouts, agents, and talent managers looking for potential models and actors. Past agencies included EMG Models and Bi-Coastal Model Management.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Exposure to Industry Gatekeepers: Participants will be able to hit the runway in front of the top fashion and talent industry gatekeepers.
  • Networking Opportunities: That place at the event includes networking opportunities not only with peers but also with professional models and sometimes even mentors.
  • Professional Development: People attending this event can hear comments on their performance, style, and presentations that will contribute to future personal development and improvement.
  • Building a Portfolio: The professionals at the site will assist in creating a high-quality digitals for the model.


Models interested in the MTS Model Talent Showcase apply by visiting

2. Utilizing Casting Call Websites Like

Another way to start modeling is through casting call websites. This is where several opportunities casting gigs.

What is is one of the top free casting call websites where models, actors, and performers can easily find casting posts. It features an extensive range of casting listings across many different locations, so the tool is relatively diversified for those looking to break into the industry.

Benefits of Using

  • Wide Range of Opportunities: The site lists different opportunities for models and actors.
  • Access: Models can apply to several different castings while staying at home, which is convenient and time-saving.

How to Get Started

It is an easy process to make a profile on Just visit the website and select your membership package. They are the MOST affordable website for models and actors.

3. Register for a Service That Will Help You Land Castings

These kinds of services are the next step ahead and practically an experience because they give models every type of tool, resource, and support they will need to shine. Latitude Talent is one such service in that it offers a one-stop way to get started.

What Is Latitude Talent?

Latitude is a casting platform service that bridges aspiring talent with the modeling and acting industry. They include several services, such as portfolio development, casting call access, and guidance from the industry.

Benefits of Joining Latitude Talent:

  • Professional Guidance: Since the industry is competitive, members receive personalized advice and support from industry professionals from webinar access.
  • Access to Castings: Latitudes members have access to plenty of casting calls nationwide on both local and national levels.
  • Industry Connections: Latitude has pre-existing industry connections with agencies and casting professionals.

How to Join

Becoming a part of Latitude Talent is done by signing up through their site.


Ready to Become a Model or Actor?

The modeling industry holds opportunities for those who are persistent and well-prepared and those who are provided with opportunities. By attending model showcases such as the MTS Model Talent Showcase through Latitude, signing up for casting call websites like, and being a part of a casting platform service such as Latitude Talent. They provide some interesting ways that models can be exposed to be more successful in this very competitive industry.

With a little bit of dedication and all the right resources, the modeling dream can become a reality!

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