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We believe that this situation is stressful and uncomfortable for homeowners; however, the staff of Statewide Adjusting understands it perfectly. Whether your damage is due to a hurricane, fire, water, or any other perils; our team of professional public adjusters will help you through the insurance claim process. Based in Miami, Florida, we provide consultation services to residential and commercial property owners across the state who wish to increase their payouts by taking advantage of insurance policies.

What makes Statewide Adjusting unique:

Experience:  Given that the team has worked in the same industry for many years, property damage claims under consideration have varied from minor losses to huge disasters. Do you know that we have the necessary means and skills needed to determine fully all damages by assessing them through which amount of compensation will be handed on your behalf?

Local Expertise:  Located in Miami, we have a wealth of knowledge about the specific intricacies and laws regarding property damage claims under Florida law. To speed up the claims process, we use our knowledge of the local area as well as advocate for interests on behalf of clients.

Personalized Service: Personalized services are provided to every client’s needs at Statewide Adjusting. We strive to give clear communication from the consultation period up till the settlement date.

Maximized Settlements: It is a simple goal- to assist you in getting the highest settlement achievable on your property damage claims. We carefully examine your insurance policy, and list down the entire damages on paper. Negotiate with the insurer so you can receive just compensation for all losses that occurred due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Peace of Mind: Property damage claims can make a person feel swamped, but with Statewide Adjusting on board you will know that specialists are attending to your claim. We oversee the paperwork, coordinate with contractors, and advocate for your rights, allowing you to focus on rebuilding and recovery.

Our Services

Hurricane Damage Claims: Miami and its surroundings have no unfamiliarity with hurricanes. When your property sustained damage from a hurricane¸ Statewide Adjusting is ready to assist you with understanding the fine print of my policy and acquiring a deserving payout.

Fire Damage Claims:  A fire can lead to severe destruction in one’s home or place of business. In our group, you will have an opportunity to be helped with your fire damage claim documentation and negotiation procedure due to your experience in this field.

Water Damage Claims: Whatever form it may come from, be it a burst pipe or roof leakage to flood, water damage puts at risk your property. We are well-qualified to inspect your water damage and determine if the appropriate measures have been taken under their insurance policy.

Commercial Property Claims: When your business has experienced property damage, you should not ever have an expert public adjuster by as side. Our expertise is in handling commercial losses, and we can assist you in recovering maximum damages.

Our Commitment to You

As a firm, we uphold maximum coverage and adjusting services to customers at Statewide Adjusting. Realizing that every case is unique, we pay close attention and the detail in each property damage claim. The main reason one should consider Statewide Adjusting is that you can rest assured of this fact, even if things seem impossible from your point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the claims process last?

The time taken to resolve a property damage claim also depends on the nature of a case and how willing an insurance company is to dispose of disposal. Nevertheless, our team works hard to speed up the procedure and therefore keeps you informed throughout.

  1. Will I be required to pay beforehand for your services?

No, our fees are on a contingency basis which means we only paid after getting the settlement from your insurance company. The best practices of upfront costs and hidden fees are not there.

  1. What if the insurance company rejects my claim?

If the insurance company denies your claim or makes an insufficient offer, we will represent and act in that capacity for you to seek redress through mediation as otherwise litigation on such a case may be necessary.

  1. Do I have to show the evidence of losses?

Indeed, every damage should be documented to provide evidence for your personal injury claim. We shall help you in collecting the required documentation such as photographs, receipts, and cost estimates for repairs.

  1. Can I reach out to Statewide Adjusting after filing an insurance claim?

Yes, even if you have already filed the claim, we can be able to help in time. Our customers need not worry but let us look at your claim and assert that the insurance firm treats you right.

Contact Us Today

Do not negotiate the claims process by yourself. Let the team of experts at Statewide Adjusting approach your property damage claim with professionalism. If you want to schedule your free consultation, contact us today and put yourself on the right path to a proper settlement.

In Conclusion

Do not wait for property damage in Miami or the surroundings – get your help right away. Contact Statewide Adjusting today and allow us to serve you using our considerable experience. With our resolute team by your side, you can rest assured that your property damage claim is in the best possible hands. We look forward to serving you and helping you get back on the path to recovery.

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